If you’re a leader, entrepreneur, and all-around awesome human…

Who wants to keep pushing the edges of your personal and spiritual growth, lead the innovation of your industry, and loves mind-blowing art and musical performances…

You are invited to…

May 22-27, 2022 | Canoe, Houston, Texas

May 22-27, 2022 Lake Canoe, Houston, Texas

A Letter From

Alex Moscow

The Creator of Abundance Amplifier

I’ve been an entrepreneur for the past 11 years and LOVE going to live events.

My favorite part about events was the amazing people I met.

There’s something special that happens when you get a group of like-minded, amazing humans together with the intention to GROW.

There’s something special that happens when you get a group of amazing humans together who are all committed to playing ALL OUT in life.

I went to “high-level” business masterminds in windowless seminar rooms, 
music festivals waaaay out in the desert, personal and spiritual growth 
retreats all over the world.

There were some that were great, some that weren’t.

But none of them truly encapsulated what I was looking for – a single event designed 
to support leaders to truly ENJOY the success they’ve worked so hard for.

To build profitable businesses AND have impeccable health.

To do deep, transformative work AND to have FUN and dance their asses off.

To expand their network AND create a real tribe they can count on.

I searched for it everywhere.
I realized I couldn’t wait for anyone else to create it.
So I decided to create it myself.
This isn’t just a
This isn’t just a
music and arts

It’s an experience to STRETCH what you
believe to be possible in ALL areas of your life...
and have a fuck ton of fun in the process.

The Abundance Amplifier Experience is a 6-day live event where you will...

Move in the mornings with yoga, functional movement trainings and guided coherence meditations.

Nourish your body with delicious, farm-to-table meals, dance workshops and hot / cold therapy.

Expand your mind with value-packed workshops and experiences from the best experts in the world in fields like biohacking, peak performance, wealth creation, love and relationships, and more.

Dance the night away to epic musical performances. Everything from conscious hip hop, to sacred sound healings, to late-night DJ sets that may even connect you to God more than your last medicine ceremony.

These experiences are amplified by a tribe of peers
who are all playing big in this game of life.

Humans are designed to


This is what Abundance Amplifier is all about.

Are You
Looking   For Us?

If you’re a growth-minded leader or entrepreneur, it’s no secret to you that
the world needs a new paradigm of leadership.

Hustle culture is dying,
most leaders are burnt out,
and people are asking -
How do we create what's next?

The Abundance Amplifier Community is committed to answering that question.

Tell me if this sounds like you…

….AND you’re not allergic to disconnecting from technology, having fun or dancing your ass off to epic musical performances.

You want to get out from behind your laptop and connect to nature, rejuvenate and have a ton of fun.
If this is you…you’re in the right place.



We believe that…

Abundance isn't just measured by your bank account

True abundance is in your health, your relationships, your creativity, your spirituality, and how connected you are to the world around you.

We are committed to creating abundance in all areas of our individual lives, and supporting each other in creating that as well.

Leaders need to be supported as much as they support others

Our culture is starving for authentic leadership right now. As leaders, we are dedicated to transforming the status quo and showing up with integrity, congruency, and heart.

At the same time, being a leader means knowing when to lean on others. We also have unique problems that most people don’t understand, and we need to surround ourselves with 
people who get it.

Great is the enemy of mind-blowing

Great is, you know … great. And we’ve each worked incredibly hard to achieve greatness in our individual arenas. But we also recognize when great is holding us back to what could be truly mind-blowing.

We are committed to continuously questioning what’s great in our lives, assessing how it could be mind-blowing, and going after it with inspired action.

Self expression and creativity are the keys

Self-expression is one of the most important keys to a life of joy and freedom. Yet, communities where leaders feel safe and are encouraged to be fully expressed are truly rare.

We are dedicated to creating a space where everyone’s uniqueness, creativity and growth is celebrated. We know that embodying the most expressed version of ourselves is critical to leading and setting an example for our communities, platforms, and businesses.

Nourishment and longevity is the new hustle

Working your ass off to get a result is a great skill. It’s also unsustainable and a recipe for burn out.

We prioritize disconnecting from technology and reconnecting to the earth and our body. We know true peak performance comes from the quality of what we feed our mind, body and soul.

But most of all…


Celebrated through music, food, and art; experiences, dances, and conversations; and adventures, relationships, and the natural world. Because when we celebrate the little things, the big things come into focus and life becomes the joyful experience that it’s meant to be.
If you agree with all of the above, we’d love
to invite you to Abundance Amplifier

This is not for you if...

You’re coming just to “network”
with successful entrepreneurs,
artists or industry leaders
You’re not open to being
real, raw, and vulnerable
and willing to have deep
You think success is
only defined by what’s
in your bank account,
not how satisfied you are
in your life
You spend more time
in “processing
conversations” than
you do in making an
You’re not willing to
look at your own deep
sh*t in service of
becoming a better
leader and human
You’ve never done any kind
of personal growth or
transformation before
You’re unable to unplug and
want to make this a working



You are excited about the possibility of
creating real, open connections with other epic
leaders, artists and entrepreneurs

You’re already successful and you
have no need to prove it to anyone

You know that money is not the only measure of success and you want to create awesomeness in every area of your life
You’re no stranger to personal growth and you’re ready to go “all-in” on your next level of leadership in this new container
You know you need to truly take a break to recharge and get new creative inspiration for what’s next
You love the idea of hanging out in nature with awesome food, awesome people and awesome music


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