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October 19 - 21, 2022
Houston, Texas (On Lake Conroe)

The Perfect Balance of Nature and Comfort To Make These 4 Days Rejuvenating For Your Body, Mind, Heart & Soul

No stuffy seminar rooms this week. We believe getting you out in nature plays a crucial role in helping you connect to your vision and the rest of the community. You’ll get to enjoy epic shaded stages ranging everywhere from – near the peninsula, lakeside and even a waterpark takeover! You’ll also get to go back to your beautifully designed suite when you’re ready to rest (NO camping here).

Connect with Epic Humans
That Align With Your Values & Expand Your Vision

This is a pre–vetted group of incredible entrepreneurs and leaders who are committed to leading their industries – biohacking / peak performance, artists / performers, experts / thought leaders, psychedelics, coaches, e-commerce, love & intimacy, etc. This will be a community of some of the most inspirational, impact-driven and FUN humans you’ll ever meet. Our concierge will also hand select the most important people for you to meet and will set you up to connect over a meal.

High Level TRAININGS and
EXPERIENCES to Expand Your Abundance
In EVERY Area of Your Life

You will have access to the best trainers, facilitators and experience creators on the planet to create ABUNDANCE in every area of your life. Most of them will be creating specialized trainings specifically for this high-level group. These will include having access to what’s behind the scenes and has NOT been launched to the public (some may never be public.)

Mind Blowing Art and Parties
With Amazing Humans,
Artists & Musicians

Bring your dancing shoes, possibly every pair you own. Music is a part of our human DNA and the musical performances may even bring you closer to God than your last medicine ceremony. You’ll get to experience some of the most talented DJs, spoken word artists, musicians, loopers, conscious hip hop wizards. If you’re not satisfied with the sound systems and lasers you can have a full refund on night one.

The Ultimate Playground for Transformation & Fun

Our intention is to give you access to the best parts of you, at your command. This may come from the leadership facilitations, or from dancing your ass off like you never have before, or from the combination of breathwork with visualization. All roads lead to a more resilient, integrated YOU that produces results in record time.

A Total "Mind, Body, and Soul" Upgrade

Yes you will PARTY and dance your ass off!…with the #1 intention of you
leaving a more integrated, nourished, vision-driven version of yourself.

You’ll get access to state of the art tools that humans have been using for thousands of years to not only heal their body but also to upgrade their mental and physical performance.

These are the best tools for quickly increasing your energy, mood, and focus in a healthy and sustainable way (without relying on coffee, nootropics or stimulants)

Imagine hopping in a cold plunge, then going into an infrared sauna with redlight, then going to learn qi gong and breathwork from one of the top masters in the world. .

This will nourish your mind and soul in ways you only thought possible on psychedelics. (No mushrooms needed)

What’s Included In Your Ticket

6 Nights Accommodations in a Suite

Delicious & Nourishing Meals Every Day

Access to
All Parties

Access to All Workshops / Trainings

4 Nights Accommodations in a Suite

Delicious & Nourishing Meals Every Day

Access to
All Parties

Access to All Workshops / Trainings

*Does NOT include your flights


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